What is an Online Consultant?

Please visit Hamilton Company, Inc. to learn more about me and my business.

An Online Consultant provides assistance to entrepeneurs and businesses – be it administrative, documentation, writing, organization and coordination, tracking, data entry, creative, brainstorming, web support, to name a few. People are good at what they do for a living, but may not know how to create a spreadsheet or a professional document. Maybe you need help for a special project, or help doing that mundane office work that needs to be done but you don’t like to do it – that’s where I come in.

The beauty of using an Online Consultant is that you have no overhead costs. I use my skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher and Powerpoint, along with everything else I know from years of experience in the business world. I can help for an hour, a week, a month, an established hours per week, or ongoing. If you’re on vacation I can answer your phone (using call forwarding) or email. Clients receive a daily progress report so there is never an accountability issue.

There you have it:

  • experienced, knowledgeable business support, only when needed,
  • a cost-effective alternative to hiring full-time employees,
  • and the ability to take over the tasks that entrepreneurs don’t have the time, expertise or inclination to do themselves.

Check out my Services page for some ideas on how I can help your business grow.

My business is to radiate your professionalism.

Please share your thoughts, comments or questions. I am interested in hearing from you.


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