Do Your Research – Not Everything Written is Factual

“Be careful about Internet facts…”
– from the Life in a Jar website about Irena Sendler

During WWII,  Irena Sendler  knocked on Jewish doors in the Warsaw ghetto and, in Sendler’s own words, “tried to talk the mothers out of their children”. During the Holocaust Irene smuggled over 2,000 infants out of the Warsaw Ghetto… Read more at the Life in a Jar website, which shares the legacy and life of Irena Sendler. She was nominated for (but did not win) the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.

One of the statements on their website: “Be careful about Internet facts concerning Irena. has much incorrect information. The Life in a Jar cast has done over 4,000 pages and thousands of hours of primary research and interviews.”

I think a person should research at least three different sources when trying to find the truth about anything. So do your research – learn to recognize when data or facts are slanted and which sources your can trust. Here is another link to about her life.

Irene Sendler

Irene Sendler


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