As an Online Consultant I can assist you in so many ways – freeing up your time to do your job.  Here is a list to give you an idea.

Administrative Support:
– Office Assistant/Clerical Support
– Client communication – mass email of newsletters, correspondence
– Schedule meetings
– Travel arrangements
– Invoicing / client tracking
– Answer your phone while you are out doing your business

Written Communication:
– Writing
– Editing
– Proofreading
– Document Preparation and Formatting

Blog Content and Design:
– Blog Support and maintenance
– Blog Content
– Blog Testing

Website Content and Design:
– Website Support
– Website Content
– Website Testing
– Domain Name Setup
– Web Hosting
– SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Marketing Conceptualization:
– Business Concept Brainstorming/Your Business Message
– Business Card Design
– Marketing Brochure Design

Self-Publishing Services:
– Book Cover
– Book Interior Content
– Book Formatting
– eBook
– Image Resolution

Management Support:
– Projects
– Research
– Scheduling
– Planning

Business Services:
– Research
– Recruiting


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